Since 2016 Film London and MMFM have developed a unique partnership which has included a script co-production competition, "Pitching Across the Pond," which afforded the opportunity for 5 Miami-Dade based producers and screenwriters to connect in London with producers and executives in order to establish the possibility of bringing the projects to life via a UK / Miami-Dade co-production and creative collaboration.

Currently, we are working with Film London on a variety of initiatives which includes a new global animation strategy. Miami-Dade and London have many interests in common. As such, part of our mission is to link our Miami-Dade Creatives with Film London Content Developers to get projects made and at the forefront of a quickly diversifying global Industry. Film London will once again be an integral part of our MMFM programming throughout 2022.

We invite you to click on the link and explore the Film London website, knowing that we are working with our valued partners to foster projects and initiatives of mutual benefit.

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