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Discover projects. Pitch your own.
Network in a boutique setting where delegates, speakers, industry reps mingle, with Miami’s vibrant and exciting vibe as a backdrop.

Pioneers the transformation of independent series content for diverse content creators & fosters connections between talent & the global industry.

MMFM is a fast growing film and entertainment international co-production forum and marketplace focused on content development, helping to bridge the gap between the global entertainment industry and diverse, fast growing, multi-cultural markets. This conference presents dynamic panels on the latest independent film productions; co-productions and finance strategies; networking receptions and private meeting spaces to establish key business relationships and opportunities.

Develop and Expand Your Core Market
As You Add Value to Your Brand

MMFM offers a unique opportunity to interact with industry decision makers through tailored events to meet your and your company’s needs. This will include but not be limited to one-on-one interaction with our key industry participants.

The key to MMFM is that we create a mix of the industry, business, and content creators, and place you at the center of this dynamic.

Since 2010, MMFM has been a leader in creating local, national, and international business opportunities for content creators based in Miami-Dade County.

In the following weeks we will be launching new and exciting ways for our community to be on the cutting edge of the ever-changing business of the entertainment industry.

We will be hosting our next live conference from September 18-19 at a new venue, The Miami Beach Convention Center, and with a new and exciting format which will focus on getting projects sold. The global creative community has recognized the talent in Miami-Dade County, or what we are calling our "Creatives Miami" network.

We will continue to announce and host professional economic development initiatives as a result of MMFM’s global long term partnerships and collaborations.

We look forward to working closely with our partners and our community to make Miami-Dade County a true global entertainment industry hub.

We focus on the business of the entertainment industry.
We focus on fostering and connecting our content developers with our partners.
We deliver success.

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